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Intimate Alien Online Q&A


Intimate Alien and I are hosting a live online Q&A to answer all of your questions. They can be personal or general and on any topic you wish.

You can ask her about Purpose, manifesting, being multidimensional, how society works on her planet, how Earth is changing to be more like her world, how to access your own gifts, how to upgrade your life, and anything else you can think of. 

"Intimate Alien validated and verified so much for me. She doesn't see through the same fog as we do and she has so much more clarity and the perspective of already being where we are going. Her insights and information are valuable far beyond dollars. Spend time with her to connect. Spend time with her to be in her energy. Spend time with her to receive knowledge. Spend time with her to gain courage. She will raise your conscious awareness simply from connecting with her." RoseAnn Janzen


  • This this is a visual event so you will be able to see Intimate Alien on your screen.

  • This event will be recorded and a replay recording is included in the price.

  • Event is on Monday, March 25, Noon Pacific/3pm Eastern and is $20

Later Event: April 26
Intimate Alien Online Q&A