Advice on Being Yourself from Intimate Alien


I love how passionate she is on this topic!

When we live from the inside out, we get to experience our real energy. It’s full and unfiltered and feels so good!

I feel like the more I pay attention to what feels good in my life, how it feels when I do certain things and say certain words, the richer life I experience I have.

It’s as if diving into each moment and really paying attention IS the point of life. It’s not what you do, it’s how you feel doing it. And boy does that change everything!

Why? Because what you attract equals how you feel.

So feeling the best you can feel attracts the best life. The best opportunities, the best people, the best abundance, and on and on. Care how you feel and raise your tolerance for feeling good (yes, that’s a thing!). And you will see your life change in remarkable ways.

Intuitive Art is a great sounding board for this kind of thing. Check out the free class here: or the book for more information.