Transdimensional Love


It’s 2am and I’m on the couch writing to a friend who moved to Seattle. It’s 20 years ago so I’m writing by hand and I’m currently on the back side of my second piece of paper. My father and sister are sleeping in their rooms, the house is beyond quiet. And now someone is in the kitchen shaking the toaster. 

A larger metallic clanging starts and it sounds like the pots and pans are being hit over and over by a wooden spoon. My attention is pulled from listening to the kitchen and I freeze. 

No breath, no thought, no understanding of anything. There are five grey, Zeta aliens hovering a foot off the floor about fifteen feet from me. They have smooth, taught skin and large almond eyes that look black and shiny. They appear to be about four feet tall with slim limbs and a toddleresque torso but no bellybutton. They are unclothed.

These beings are in formation, two in front and three in back. If they’re trying to talk to me, I can’t hear them. 

We stare at each other for a while, I have no idea how long because it is one long paralyzed moment.

After they’ve left I run to my father’s room and tell him what happened. 

I didn’t realize at this point that I had connections to other species. Even though I grew up seeing spirit guides and dead relatives, they all looked like me. Because of this, I didn’t share this experience with anyone beyond my mother and father. It was too weird, even for me.

13 years after that event I finally learned the story. I’d come a long way in accepting my place in the universe and in putting together the pieces that I’d been tied to the Zetas since before birth. My night terrors, fear of heights, and even my invisible older brother Matt were all tied in to this. Then I had a reading with Nora Herold and she told me the rest.

She picked up on this event on her own and told me that they appeared before me because I was depressed. They saw me going down a life path that could lead to an early departure. Back then, I would have acknowledged that I wasn’t 100% happy, but I never would have thought I was suicidal. In hindsight, my life choices were being born from a place of deep insecurity and sadness. I was hanging on by a thread and not even aware of it. They came to show me that they cared, that they were family, and that there is more to life than the narrow groove I’d been living in. 

These beings weren’t very emotionally connected back then and my fear blocked any kind of telepathic communication they were offering me. Their presence did alter my life; how could it not? Here were beings from another planet, dimension, who knows what else, appearing before me. I had no idea if they even existed before this, but after that I couldn’t deny it.

My family showed up for me when I needed them, even though they knew I wouldn’t be able to understand. That’s love.