What would happen if you owned your intuition? If you gave it priority status and allowed it to guide more of your life?

Even better, what if you aligned to LOVE.

Love syncs you up with your intuition automatically. It puts you in the best receiving mode possible. It magnetizes extraordinary opportunities, people, synchronicities and events right to you.

You’d start receiving ideas to transform your life, work, and relationships into alignment with an even deeper authentic expression of your greatest self.

Your intuition is always guiding you to this treasure chest and LOVE makes sure that you’re going for gold.


It’s helpful to have routines and processes that connect us with our truest self and even better to live connected every day.

HELLO L♥VE is a daily reminder to live your greatest life in alignment with your highest power, YOU.

We gather online in weekly live Intuitive Art practice hours and twice a month in live video Q&As with Rachel and Intimate Alien.

We encourage each other to stay in alignment. We inspire each other to only do what we LOVE. And we offer support for when we feel like trying something new.

Leverage the power of creation one moment at a time and watch your life transform into a series of ecstatic synchronicities.

And when the shitty stuff comes up, you’ll be prepared and amazed at how it doesn’t knock you off your game.

Want to join the land of focus and freedom?

Enrollment is now open!

"If you want your life to reflect your alignment, you need to be in alignment in your life. Choose what makes you feel good." Intimate Alien

"If you want your life to reflect your alignment, you need to be in alignment in your life. Choose what makes you feel good." Intimate Alien

Growth that is nurtured by self-love and the love of what you are doing is sustainable. It’s profitable in more ways than one. Love fuels only what is worthy of it. Surround yourself in love with us and watch your world transform.

The Hello Love Group includes monthly access to:

 - Weekly live Intuitive Art practice hours
 - Two live Coaching calls with Rachel Archelaus & Intimate Alien
 - Momentum Builder course
- I Love Abundance course
 - Intuitive Art decoding videos
 - Supportive community & Facebook group
 - (optional) Private Focus Session with Rachel Archelaus

Choose between two different membership levels. Cancel any time.


What Members are Saying…

I guide people on matters of consciousness but I still have moments of doubt. Intimate Alien validated and verified so much for me. She doesn’t see through the same fog as we do and she has so much more clarity and the perspective of already being where we are going. Her insights and information are valuable far beyond dollars.

Spend time with her to connect. Spend time with her to be in her energy. Spend time with her to receive knowledge. Spend time with her to gain courage. She will raise your conscious awareness simply from connecting with her.
— RoseAnn Janzen, revealyourlife.com
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As a creativity doula, my work is fluid and requires continually aligning and re-aligning to be fully present for those seeking breakthroughs in their every day and professional lives through connection to their creativity.

The experience of journeying with Rachel Archelaus and Intimate Alien was as joyous as it was powerful. You can expect spiritual breakthroughs, a substantial upswing in your vibrational level and the power of resonance coming from a confirmation of all that you already know within you but may have struggled to connect with.

It’s a bit like two components of ships in space as they dock together. One-millionth of a centimeter adjustment one direction of the other and there is that all-important locking into alignment.
— Leslie Cottrell Simonds, lesliecottrellsimonds.com