awakening & beyond: Are you experiencing spiritual growing pains?

When I was 14, I moved into a haunted house. I started feeling and seeing things that I’d never encountered before and I didn’t have a frame of reference to even describe them. My parents didn’t know how to handle my new anxieties and did what any concerned guardians would. They brought me to a psychiatrist. 

This man listened to my story and advised that I be sent away to a facility and put on medication to stop my out-of-the-ordinary perceptions. Only, I knew that what I was seeing and feeling was odd, but real. Luckily my parents listened. We then turned to some people who might have a better idea of what to do, The Warrens. 

These world-acclaimed ghost hunters came to our home and verified all that I had been telling my parents. Then I went to them so they could test my abilities and give my parents the peace of mind they needed. No, I wasn’t crazy, I was just clairvoyant and experiencing all of my psychic senses opening up.

This might seem like a weird story if you already know me, because I had been seeing deceased relatives and angels my whole childhood. What threw me off at this house was that I couldn’t recognize anything there and the feeling of it was heavy and threatening. Nothing I’d seen had ever felt negative before. 

There are layers to our own evolution. Sometimes we move through stages of anxiety before we stabilize in clarity with new skills and abilities. Sometimes we have no way to describe what we are feeling or going through before we get to the other side. We are always going deeper into ourselves, peeling back the layers of conditioning and seeing with new eyes. 

If you or your children are feeling the symptoms of awakening senses or a spiritual growth spurt, I am here to assist you just like the Warrens were there for me 20 years ago. Since then, I’ve honed my abilities and taught countless others how to open up their intuitive senses with confidence and comfort. 

I offer a special one hour session designed to:

  • get you up to speed with what you are experiencing, which alleviates fear. 
  • show you exercises to do at home, which will help you stabilize and gain control over your experience. 

This one session will give you relief and confidence that nothing is happening to you, all of this is a gift that you orchestrated before you were born. And if you want more assistance, I teach local and online classes in psychic development that can help you grow even more. 

We are living in an exciting time where humans are becoming more sensitive. The layers of the unseen world are revealing themselves to those of us who are ready to see it. Even if you are feeling triggered, anxious, or angry about this development in your life, you can rest assured that once you have a handle on it, it will be a part of you that you wouldn’t trade for all the money in the world. 

Other symptoms of awakening can include:

  • changes in digestion or food preferences
  • feeling unsatisfied with life or relationships
  • change in personality
  • a strong desire to change your lifestyle
  • feeling dizzy or tired
  • unusually strong feelings for people 
  • seeing strange shadows, lights, or sparkles
  • feeling like something is in the room with you
  • dreams that feel real 
  • waking up exhausted

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I am not a medical or psychiatric doctor. Please see your physician if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms.