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I hired Rachel to coach me because I knew she was creative and intuitive and she said she could help me with my sales page. What I didn’t know is that our work together would shift the core of my being and my business. Rachel’s ability to pinpoint the soul issues behind my fears, stops and vacillating and then show me the way to shift into a new dimension allowed me to expand my confidence and my offerings.

She helped me to open up my heart in a deep way, own my brilliance and give it to the world. My business doubled in the first year (I’m looking to quadruple that this year), I bought the eco-car of my dreams, I’m traveling the world and I know with her support I can build the bigger than life platform that is singing for my soul.

I feel deeply cared for and supported. Should you hire Rachel? in a word, YES. What are you waiting for?

Jean Berry,

Let's work together

Start with a Session

This session focuses on helping you release resistance to your desired life. This will automatically allow what you want to show up with ease.

You will leave having received a transmission of higher dimensional energies and tools to help you stay elevated & in tune.

You can book this session to focus on an existing issue or just come to align with your potential. We’ll make the most of our time and send you in the best direction possible.


Go Deeper with a Coaching Package

I would love to help you achieve your desired life. I have two specialties that both get covered in our work together. 

Find your Desired Lifestyle & Support it with Revenue Streams based on your Highest Excitement Whether it's coming up with more authentic, inspired marketing or diving deeply into what your purpose is, we'll get there in the easiest, most joyful way possible.

Multidimensional Awareness & Spiritual Embodiment - Want to talk with your guides and visit other worlds? We'll work together to grow your capacity to be multidimensional in a conscious way. You will have more control over these gifts and your daily life will change dramatically to reflect it! You'll feel more alive, more abundant, and seriously less stressed.

In our first meeting, we will discuss your desires, current situation, and develop a path that will uniquely work for you. 

Every coaching package includes membership in Hello LOVE, my multidimensional success group program.

Client Stories

I was really stuck in the mindset that I had to market my business services and products the way they were currently being taught. However, I tried those techniques and they just were not working for me. I happened to see Rachel talking about that same scenario happening to her and how she moved out of it and successfully grew her business.

I intuitively knew Rachel was the exact right coach to help me.  Under Rachel’s guidance I have now created a website, business structure, and evergreen interview/webinar series that are in alignment with my authentic self, my beliefs, and my teachings.  My confidence as an internet business person has dramatically increased.  Rachel has been able to tune into and address my exact needs and my business’ exact needs.  She is a talented psychic, medium, and coach that can really teach you how to take your business on its most magical and rewarding path. 

I would highly recommend Rachel’s coaching to intuitive entrepreneurs who want to seriously up level their business.

RoseAnn Janzen,


After working as a RN for 34 years, I knew this year was the year I wanted to begin in my own Business, however I had no idea what it would be. I had been searching many different internet sites and somehow I was brought to Rachel's- and I was hooked when I watched all her videos- I felt as though she was talking directly to me.  I signed up for the Soul-Centered Business Bootcamp without hesitation as soon as I knew about it!  About half way into the program, I learned of Rachel's Diamond Experience and again, without any hesitation I was called to join her in that also!

I would have to say that getting to know my true self, and listening to my higher/soul self  and intuition is what has shifted the most since I began to work with Rachel.  Although I indulged in many self- help classes and seminars throughout my life up to this time, - I feel that Rachel has brought me the furthest and I have made the most progress.

I was able to break through my own limiting beliefs and create a business as a Life Transition Coach assisting mid-life women (re)discover their Happiness and self  acceptance so they are able to live the life of their dreams.  With Rachel's help I have a website, created a 3 part video webinar on You tube and had a successful Teleseminar. I am now working on networking and marketing to grow my list and I know my business will Shine in 2015, where my goal is to work with my clients, have more freedom and free time in my personal life and be able to leave my nursing job!

Rachel, I can not thank you enough!

Donna Beezer

Working with Rachel is so refreshing. It’s like getting a clear mirror to stare into that sees parts that you don’t notice because they are always there, lots of coaches say they can help you with getting that sort of clarity, but Rachel can do it without imposing some business construct sales model on you or a skewed perspective. She is one of the rare Female coaches of our time who holds space well enough to allow you to discover what is right for you for THIS moment.

Marie J Taylor