Intimate alien welcomes you to the
star being club


star being club Membership includes:

Your monthly mailing includes: 1 favorite makeup or art item, a mini-polaroid selfie, and a mini-book with art and writing by Intimate Alien.

Online Star Being Meetup: Join Intimate Alien and other Star Beings in an online video chat. Talk about your experiences, make friends, and enjoy shared inspiration.

Be the first to hear about Star Being Retreats: Intimate Alien plans to hold weekend retreats in fun locations twice a year. Club members will get the first opportunity to register.

Intimate Alien validated and verified so much for me. She doesn’t see through the same fog as we do and she has so much more clarity and the perspective of already being where we are going. Her insights and information are valuable far beyond dollars. Spend time with her to connect. Spend time with her to be in her energy. Spend time with her to receive knowledge. Spend time with her to gain courage. She will raise your conscious awareness simply from connecting with her.
— RoseAnn Janzen, Reveal Your Life
I didn’t know what to expect attending the Embody Your Inner Star BEing retreat. I was open to a creative opening and Alignment of being truly ME. What I got was BEING Vibrational Art Work and creation from the No-Resistance Zone which opened up EASE and fun in a way that I have never experienced it. Being guided by my star family in the make-up and glitter makeover was AWESOME, Freeing and FUN.
— Jean Berry, Game Inventor Mentor,