You and Abundance are in the Same Place

There is such a mind trick to get around when it comes to putting yourself, your true self, in the center of all that you desire.

Knowing that YOU are the magnet for all of those riches is a hard place to get to when all we’re modeled is the opposite.

This video is a quick reminder that YOU are the generator. And the more you align with your true self, the more you align with wealth and ease and fulfillment.

Above the Surface
By Rachel Archelaus, Scott Keeney

Above the Surface was created in the moment. I had no plans for it and writing the story inside it took 20 minutes! I love that ease and alignment only adds to the impact and effectiveness of what we’re doing.

Let the story inside the book guide you to your true self on days when you’re feeling some doubt. It’s a great way to get back in alignment.