You only exist in the moment

Have you ever been puzzled when someone told you to just be yourself?

Were you like, “what does that mean? Who am I?”

It can be hard to grasp such a thing when we try to think about it.

We only really know who we are by being it in the moment.

Above the Surface
By Rachel Archelaus, Scott Keeney

The moral of the story is that we limit ourselves by defining who we are. When we get into the moment we can feel what options resonate with us, and therefore, what is true for us.

We’ve all experienced being out of the moment when someone asked us a question. “What do you want to do? What do you want to eat for dinner?” When we don’t have access to our energy, and we don’t when we’re not in the moment, we can’t answer that! So we certainly can’t make bigger life decisions with any accuracy.

Flowing in the moment feels amazing and it can bring us places that we never dreamed of. Try it and see!

Above the Surface was created in the moment. I had no plans for it and writing the story inside it took 20 minutes! I love that ease and alignment only adds to the impact and effectiveness of what we’re doing.