You and Abundance are in the Same Place

There is such a mind trick to get around when it comes to putting yourself, your true self, in the center of all that you desire.

Knowing that YOU are the magnet for all of those riches is a hard place to get to when all we’re modeled is the opposite.

This video is a quick reminder that YOU are the generator. And the more you align with your true self, the more you align with wealth and ease and fulfillment.

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How to Get Out of Waiting Mode and into Action

I am often asked, "What is the first thing to do if you want to trust your intuition more." 

I have different answers depending on the energy of the situation, but I said, "start acting on it," to the Lyft driver that asked me the other day.

But sometimes it's hard to do new things. That's why I made this video on how to get out of our routine momentum. 

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Relax to Receive

Relaxing more deeply has been my greatest find of late.

It's allowed bigger ideas to land in my life where before, I'd have swatted them away.

Bigger ideas = bigger results.

And of course, I feel better!

I made you a video about what I did that made the difference.  

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Integration is Freedom

Do you ever hold back from saying something around certain people or from posting on social media?

Is it possible that you’re compartmentalizing due to fear of judgment?

What if you were your whole self no matter who was around? Living an integrated life has many more benefits than might be apparent.

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